2022 is finally here and we hope that it is an easier year for business than the last 2 years. Since Covid we have had to battle with many issues including shipping issues from the far east, stock, lock-downs and many other things that have caused us issues. To help combat this we are widening our product range to include work boots, safety shoes and safety trainers. We realise this is something a bit different to what we usually do but during these hard times we want to broaden our range and it might help retailers also widen their range to include these products.

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We will be stocking a range of Safetoe work boots and Cofrasafety boots. Both of these are well established brands within the safety footwear niche so the quality is expected to be as high as possible. It is important of course that this footwear reaches the various safety standards of S1, S2, S3 to include safety features such as steel toe, anti static, composite toe, anti slip and so on. These are all very important safety features and different jobs will require different safety standards on site.

This is quite a large market, especially here in Ireland so we hope that our existing retailers can jump on this opportunity with us and begin stocking this range of safety shoes. Safety trainers are also becoming extremely popular as they meet the S1 safety standards as well as look a bit more fashionable than your generic work boot.

To add to this we will be getting in a range of safety work gloves, safety glasses, hi vis jackets and more. We hope that the work boots are the first of many other safety work wear products that we will be stocking. Please send us an email or subscribe to our newsletter to get more up to date products.