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    Below are some considerations for operators who may wish to feature on the callcosts.ie website

    How can a company participate on callcosts?

    If you are an authorised operator providing mobile, home phone and/or broadband services you are entitled to present your tariff plans on the callcosts. For enquiries on getting tariff plans entered please contact itg@comreg.ie  

    Can callcosts handle all tariff types?

    Callcosts.ie will cater for most tariff features, currently offered by mobile, home phone and broadband service providers. Certain tariff features may be excluded for reasons of complexity of modelling and/or the need to maintain usability of the site for consumers.

    What happens if the site cannot cater for a particular tariff structure?

    ComReg has designed the site to cater for typical features in the market.  Operators are advised to inform ComReg if they consider a particular aspect of a planned tariff may not be capable of being handled.  If an operator requests the inclusion of a particular tariff feature ComReg will assess the request and advise the operator if, and when, that feature will be captured on callcosts.

    How is the tariff information entered?

    When an operator requests access to the callcosts site they will be required to nominate the contacts in their organisation that will be responsible for tariff entry. Each user is provided with their own private access to an administrative function of the callcosts website. Using this function the operator can enter the specific details of their tariff plans, coverage information, operator contact and customer service details. Operators can also use a test function on the administrative function to check how their test tariffs compare with tariffs that are live in the market. Tariffs that an operator wishes to put live on the ComReg website can then be submitted to ComReg who will check the submission and then publish the tariff on the callcosts site.  Operators will be provided with a user guide and training on using the site if required.