Massage guns are going to be the big thing this Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner there is already talk of early Christmas shopping due to supply shortages. Last year there was a big rush online as in Ireland the shops were closed for November which meant that the biggest amount of shopping was done online last year.

This Christmas retailers are not sure what to expect but here at callcosts we think that online again will be the real winner. So what are the hot products that we have this year for Christmas? Well we have the usual stuff of the last few years like the electric scooters, CCTV stuff but this year a real standout is going to be the massage gun.

If you have not heard of these, they are designed to help athletes with sore muscles. Obviously there is more to them than that but to keep a long story short they massage the muscle and get out any kinks you have that could be causing you issues.

massage gun

They are not overly expensive and they are a perfect Christmas gift. They are reasonably small so can be shipped quite easily. The massage guns do contain batteries so that is one thing to keep in mind when shipping these items as An Post do not allow batteries to be posted as far as we are aware.

Whilst they might be a bit of a fad for this year, the massage gun is a great product and could be here to stay. Much like the TV box was a big thing a few years ago that kind of faded out over time. Unlike the TV box though this is a real quality product with health benefits so we don’t think it will be a flash in the pan type of product.

As stated there is going to be a early rampage for Christmas shopping and there is even talk of a blackout this Christmas so that will put people on edge and out in the shops early. We recommend getting ready for Christmas early this year and order your products as soon as possible. Most of all stay safe,