Why the Xiaomi adult electric scooter was our best seller in 2019

You may have noticed a huge increase in the number of people using electric scooters around Ireland and the UK’s towns and cities but what was behind this huge increase in adult electric scooters. When most people think of an adult electric scooter whether they realise it or not they are actually thinking of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. This is because this is the electric scooter that brought adult scooters to the main stream. There are many reasons for this including the exceptional design, the practicality of the electric scooter and also the price. Our Xiaomi M365 that
comes with an LG battery was the best selling product of 2019 and it is easy to see why.

When it first hit the market the Xiaomi M365 adult electric scooter was approximately £599.00. Two years later and that price is down to just £299.00 in most places with some stores offering different prices for different battery options. Before this electric scooter for adults were quite expensive and also they did not look very cool so they were not seen as a viable option for most people. The main stream didn’t take kindly to electric scooters when they first arrived on our streets but now they
have become an accepted means of transport at least by the people (if not by the government!).

It is only a matter of time that electric scooters for adults become as popular as bikes in towns and cities throughout the UK. They are a free alternative to public transport so they can save commuters quite a bit of money throughout the course of a year and they are charged in your home so no extra equipment is needed.

At the price point they are now they are even more affordable than bikes and no doubt the price will continue to decline as they become more popular and the batteries become more affordable. We will continue selling this range and the newer Xiaomi M365 Pro which has an extended battery live in 2020.

€25 Rebate On All Xiaomi Electric Scooters Being Sold Until 2020

One of the big products of Christmas 2019 is proving to be electric scooters. There are various models available both for kids and for adults. The electric scooters for kids have been more popular than we could have imagined and it was a product we were not really overly pushed on selling here but after some thought we decided to go ahead with it and boy are we glad we did.

Our kids electric scooters are now more popular than the adult electric scooter range. You can now get a kids electric scooter at escooterireland.ie for just €219.00 so they are very affordable and they are really a high quality product. We have 4 colours of these electric scooters in stock and they are all the Megawheels S1 scooter for teens model. These are designed for ages 10+ and are not to be used on public roads.

These electric scooters should be used with safety gear such as a helmet and knee pads. They also come with a 12 month warranty so if there is any issues they can be sent back to the supplier for testing and/or replacement.

Some other notes on the electric scooters is that the Xiaomi M365 are offering cash back on each purchase. All you need to do is send them the receipt of your Xiaomi electric scooter purchase and they will give you €23 back. This is a deal that is running until 2020 as part of a Christmas promotion and it has been very successful.

The Xiaomi M365 is the worlds most successful scooter and it looks to be getting even more affordable. Last year it was in the region of €550.00 and now it retails at approx €479.00 with a full warranty so that is quite a difference. For more electric scooter news please subscribe to our newsletter for deals and discounts.